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Be A SingStar Valentine!


Happy Valentines day to all the SingStar lovers out there, and if you are on your own this Valentines Day, SingStar has loads of songs for you too.

We have given the SingStar Rooms in PlayStation Home a Valentines makeover to get you in the mood, with love hearts floating in the air, some of the best love songs on the video walls and romantic candles on the tables for the couples. If you pay a visit you might meet a special SingStar friend, and could even arrange a SingStar online battle with them, to check your singing compatibility?

We've also compiled a couple of SingStore charts, one with all the best Love Songs, and some Songs for Singles. Whichever category you fall into, have a great Valentines Day! 

And don't forget to leave us your favourite Valentine songs in the comments below!

Lots of Love

SingStarHQ xx

Be My Valentine

Songs For Singles

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