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Party non-stop with SingStar® Remote!

Own a Vita or PSP? Try our SingStar® Remote feature and create playlists for SingStar on your PS3.

Image Own a Vita or PSP? Try our SingStar® Remote feature and create playlists for SingStar on your PS3.

Own a PlayStation®Vita or PSP? Why not try out the amazing SingStar® Remote feature which allows you to create playlists for SingStar on your PS3. Add up to 20 songs to a playlist, cue them up while everyone else is singing and make your SingStar party a seamless singing extravaganza.

That’s right, no more waiting around. And here’s how to do it: simply follow the steps below before you start your SingStar® session and your uninterrupted party is underway.
Important - before you start:
If you want to use all the online features such as buying songs or uploading videos and use SingStar® Remote at the same time, make sure your PS3™ system is connected to the internet via a wired connection. NOTE: You can still use SingStar® remote to queue up songs in a playlist if your PS3™ system is connected
wirelessly but you just won’t be able to buy songs,
upload or view media.

Step 1 –  Register your PS Vita/PSP with your PS3

  • On your PS3 -  select Settings > Remote Play Settings > Register Device >PS Vita/PSP
  • On the PS Vita/PSP - select the Remote Play application and follow the onscreen instructions

Step 2 - Run SingStar Remote

  • On your PS3 system - start SingStar® as usual (make sure you have the latest SingStar® patch)
  • On your PS Vita/PSP – once SingStar® has loaded on the PS3, select the Remote Play application on the and go to Connect via Private Network.
Congratulations! You’re now connected and can start creating playlists with SingStar Remote!

How to create a playlist

On your PS Vita/PSP - choose a song, select the number of players, song length, player names and difficulty and add your song to the playlist. You can add up to 20 songs at a time to a playlist, if you want to remove one just highlight it in the playlist and press ‘square’ to remove it.

Don’t forget, all of this can be done while other players are playing SingStar on the PS3.

Two ways to select a playlist song on the PS3

  1. Before accessing the ‘Song Selection’ screen you will be asked if you want to play the song from the playlist or continue to select a new song in your song library.
  2. After a song has finished you will be able to choose whether to play the next song on the playlist or play a different song from your collection.
Once a song has finished you always choose to return to the next playlist song or play yet another new song available to you.
That’s it. Now all you have to do is get connected to enjoy uninterrupted gameplay at your next SingStar party!
Just one more thing:
Be aware that SingStar Remote play is only supported on PS3™ systems with a Wireless LAN connection!

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