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A little bit of history…

SingStar is one of the most popular singing games of all time with fans having played it for over a decade!

In 2004 SingStar was unleashed on PS2 and went on to be a big success around the globe with lots of new titles continuing to release for future consoles. Now we’ve got a new SingStar party… and everyone’s invited!

SingStar Celebration is the new addition to our family, forming part of the PlayLink range. Simply grab your smartphone, join your friends, and belt out the biggest hits and pumping party classics.

The game features 30 songs from the hottest artists around, for up to eight players to enjoy.

With PlayLink, you can turn your smartphone into a personal, pocket-sized microphone. The SingStar™ Mic is a free app for Android and iOS. It’s incredibly easy to use – just make sure your phone is connected to your PS4™ network – the app also lets you mix a playlist to cue up your favourite songs.

Want to know more about PlayLink? Read more here.

The SingStore™

Our in-game store features tons of tracks available for you to purchase and download. You can browse the full store right here on this website, check what’s available on which platform, watch song preview videos and buy what takes your fancy via direct links to the PlayStation web store.

Transfer your PS3 songs to PS4

If you've already purchased songs from the SingStore on PS3 and they are also available for PS4, you can download them again at no extra cost.

The SingStar Community

It won’t take you long to figure out that we love watching your performances on SingStar, so that’s why we’ve made it very simple for you to share your videos and pics from in-game directly to Facebook and Twitter.

Upload them and join in the fun with thousands of others in the community here.

You can also hear the latest and discuss your favourite songs on the official SingStar Forum.

For any technical queries, you can get in touch with the PlayStation support team on @AskPlayStation or @AskPS_UK.

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